About Us


Our Approach

We are building a platform to help people to manage personal health data efficiently. The data from wearable devices will be analyzed and processed with Machine Learning Algorithm to identify health risk factors and help users to stick with their healthy lifestyle goals.

Our Story

My mom has hypertension. Last year, she had a period of lacking sleep for few weeks according to her fitness device record, and one night she got stroke and hospitalized for a month. This could have prevented if my mom was notified and directed to doctors. This feature is missing in most of current fitness wearable.

In the past three years, 2016 – 2017, four of my family members had cancers and passed away painfully because they were diagnosed too late, at stage 4.  I strongly believe we can detect early signs of health issues and manage those issues efficiently using advanced technologies in genetics, wearable/sensors and big data. There are many existing IoT devices for health monitoring and more too come, but there’s no efficient system to integrate and manage the data. That is why Interact Care was founded.

Meet the Team

We are a team of eight engineers and scientists who have passion for digital health and preventive healthcare.

Cong Trinh

Founder & CEO

Cong graduated from USC with PhD degree in Chemistry.

Lam Tran

Founding Member – Frontend lead

Lam graduated from SJSU with a MS degree in Software Engineer. He has 5 years of experience.

Hieu T Nguyen

Founding member – Backend lead

Hieu is graduating from USC with PhD degree in Computer Science.

Luan Tran

Founding member – Machine Learning lead

  Luan is graduating from USC with PhD degree in Computer Science.